• A problem-solver, not a politician

  • 25 years of dedicated service & results 

  • Deputy Secretary of State for seven years for Secretary Jim Condos

  • Leadership team for previous Secretary Deb Markowitz

  • Ready to lead on Day One

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Why I'm Running


I am running for Secretary of State because we need a tested and true leader to protect our most fundamental right - the right to vote.


I believe in:

  • Safe, secure elections

  • Protecting equal access to the ballot box

  • Transparency as the key to rebuilding public trust

  • Efficient, effective, and accessible government that helps boost the economy

  • Defending democracy through civic engagement and education 


I have delivered on these values for nearly 25 years in the Secretary of State's office, the last 7 as the Deputy Secretary. In these uncertain times, I believe Vermonters want security, stability and experienced leadership they can trust.


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Endorsed by 

Secretary of State Jim Condos

“Vermont needs a Secretary of State who understands the mission, knows how the office actually works, and has the skill and practical experience to protect our democracy. Chris Winters is the only candidate with the right background to do the job. No other candidate can say that! I encourage all Vermonters to join me in voting for Chris Winters for Secretary of State.”

Endorsed by

Past Secretary of State Deb Markowitz

“Chris is not a typical politician. Our democracy does best when the people who oversee our elections and open government laws are committed to doing so in a professional and nonpartisan way. Chris has demonstrated his nonpartisanship and commitment to transparency and good government for decades. Chris will be ready on day one to serve as our Secretary of State.”