Safe and Secure Elections

Our nation-leading elections are the envy of most states. Chris has been on the front lines defending democracy every day. Immersed in cybersecurity, he wrote Vermont’s incident response plan and led the legislative agenda that brought Vermont Election Day Registration (EDR), Automatic Voter Registration (AVR), and now Vote by Mail (VBM), creating the greatest expansion of ballot access in VT history.

Chris speaking on security
Photo of the Secretary of State office

Effective and Efficient Government

As a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, Chris has worked hard for years to do more with less, helping implement several successful IT projects to improve efficiency, accuracy and accessibility all the while maintaining that great service the office is known for.

Steady, Experienced Leadership in a Crisis

Chris Winters was honored to help lead Vermonters through a presidential election in the middle of a pandemic, resulting in record turnout where no Vermonter had to choose between their health and their right to vote. He also oversaw the overnight switch to telework for 80 employees with barely a pause in services and no decrease in customer service levels.

Chris speaking in front of the Governor and staff
Chris addressing concerns at the FEMA rally

Making it Easier for Small Businesses

 Chris has been one of the few voices in government championing the Vermont Business Portal until it gained support and momentum and is now on a path to expand to a true one stop shop for business, making it easier for small business owners to start, maintain and grow their enterprises. 

Public Protection through Professional Regulation

 Praised by the Obama White House and the Trump Department of Labor, Chris Winters has traveled the country spreading Vermont's professional regulatory approach, advising other states on right-sized, efficient regulation that protects the public but does not go too far, interfering in the marketplace.

Chris speaking at the Sunrise Review
Chris speaking at the Transparency Tour

Transparency and Accountability

As Deputy, Chris has spent years assisting citizens and municipalities every day with their rights and responsibilities around open meeting and public record laws. Chris is a strong advocate for open government, traveling the state with Secretary Condos to present the Vermont Transparency Tour. Chris was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Vermont Ethics Commission.

Protecting Your Rights

Chris is a strong proponent of reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and will fight for diversity equity and inclusion as Secretary of State. As Deputy Secretary, he looks at these issues through the lens of voting rights. We NEED TO HOLD THE LINE in ensuring the right to vote for every eligible voter, because the right to vote is the right from which all other rights flow. That’s what Chris has been doing the last seven years he’s been overseeing elections in VT - protecting your right to vote to ensure our democracy works for you.